Glide for a stronger stride


Experience the therapeutic powers of copper. Apply pressure with a gliding motion to help aid in muscle relief and injury prevention.

Designed by long distance runner and Guinness World Record breaker, Jeff Lynch. An innovative device specifically designed to mimic deep tissue muscle massage with a gliding motion. Other devices simply roll over the affected trigger points. By gliding Coppersager over the area of focus, you have a much better method in treatment by going deep into the muscle to smooth out knots, trigger points and overall muscle and tendon tightness.

Coppersager is made in the USA!

  • Liquid Thermal TechnologyThe liquid inside Coppersager has been scientifically proven to contain thermal transfer properties and is used within the Coppersager to provide even heating and cooling properties.
  • Friction TherapyHeat is generated from friction when applying pressure with a back and forth gliding motion. The internal liquid helps to provide an even distribution of heat across the area of treatment. Friction therapy may help aid in muscle soreness, knots, tightness and injury prevention. The Coppersager can be used with oils and therapeutic creams.
  • Cold TherapyPlace the Coppersager in the freezer for 30 minutes for up to 20 minutes of treatment. Glide the Coppersager over the treated area with a back and forth motion using mild pressure to provide an icing effect, which may help aid in the reduction of inflammation and muscle soreness.
  • Massage OilsGet even deeper to treat overuse injuries with various massage oils, such as Arnica, Castor, Bio-Freeze and other therapeutic creams and oils.

Featuresthe key

All terrain suitability

Unlike the others

Unlike many other devices, Coppersager does not have any rolling parts, and our belief is for a very good reason. Our research has found that gliding over the area of focus mimics much like that of a forearm of a Massage Therapist, which goes deeper into the tissue to work out those trigger points.

Safety and Security


Glide Coppersager with a back and forth motion on the area of focus.The thermal liquid inside and copper combination not only loosens up, but warms up the muscles in preparation for your workout. For aid in injury prevention, Coppersager should be used prior to all workouts. Post workout use aids in recovery. Coppersager glides smoothly with or without massage oils. It is excellent for relieving tight Iliotibial (IT) bands, knee issues, plantar fasciitis, achillies tendinitis, and tight calves.

Care and Cleaning


Since ancient times, copper has been known to have a wide variety of therapeutic benefits. It has been used to help aid in arthritis and muscle and connective tissue inflammation. Copper is naturally anti-microbial.

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Glide for a stronger stride

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