Glide for a stronger stride


How do you pronounce Coppersager?
Copper-sage-er. The "sager" coming from the word and meaning of : Wise, judicious, or prudent.

Is Coppersager like other leg rollers out there?
Unlike many other devices, Coppersager does not have any rolling parts, and our belief is for a very good reason. Our research has found that gliding over the area of focus mimics much like that of a forearm of a Massage Therapist, which goes deeper into the tissue to work out those trigger points. It also may  help loosen and lengthen tendons, such as the Iliotibial Band (IT band).  The amount of pressure you apply should be firm with a back and forth gliding motion. The user will generally feel how much pressure is needed or tolerated.

Why is it made of Copper?
Since ancient times, copper has been known to have a wide variety of therapeutic benefits. It is used to help aid in arthritis and muscle and connective tissue inflammation. It is thought to support the immune system, boost energy, and provide mental clarity. Many people have found have found arthritis and inflammation relief from wearing copper bracelets, necklaces and etc.  Copper is naturally anti-microbial.

How do you properly use Coppersager?
The Coppersager is best used on the legs, but it can be used on just about any muscle group. It is meant to be a self massager, but it can also be administered by someone else. Hold the device firmly with one hand on each grip and apply firm and tolerable pressure directly against the skin of the area of treatment. The skin should be free from sweat and salt as this can cause difficult gliding. Provide an even back and forth gliding motion. Work each area anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes at a time. Move on to work another area and then repeat back each area of focus 2-3 times each or as needed. The longer you use it, the more heat that will be generated on in your muscle and on the surface of your skin (Friction Therapy). This provides a nice warming effect that helps loosen the tissue in preparation for your workout or as a nice relief post workout.

What is Friction Therapy?
The internal thermal liquid and copper combination will begin to provide an even distribution of warmth across the area of treatment after 1-2 minutes of use. The amount of heat generation will depend on the pressure applied and the area of focus. Applying pressure with a back and forth gliding motion creates friction and heat generation. This therapy may help aid in muscle soreness, trigger points, tightness and injury prevention. 

What is Cold Therapy?
Place the Coppersager in the freezer for 30 minutes or longer for up to 20 minutes of treatment. Glide the Coppersager over the treated area with a back and forth motion using mild pressure to provide an icing effect to help aid in the reduction of inflammation and muscle soreness. Note: the area of treatment should be completely dry and free of sweat, salt and any other oils or creams.

What is the liquid inside?
The liquid inside is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It has been proven scientifically to contain thermal transfer properties and is used within Coppersager to provide even heating and cooling properties. Have you ever held an ice cream scooper and heard liquid inside? Many of the same principles and purpose apply. The Coppersager is permanently sealed end to end. There isn't any reason to replace the liquid for maintenance, etc.

How do you care for it?
The device will become tarnished with use. This does not restrict the functionality or therapeutic gliding effects. If you prefer to keep it with that new shiny look, you can clean it with a vinegar and salt solution. Apply with a towel, and scrub back and forth until the desired finish is achieved. Once cleaned, use mild soap and water to clean off the vinegar and salt. Use a dry, clean towel to buff it shiny. Lemon and salt can also be used, but it's not as strong of an acid as vinegar. Never insert the Coppersager into a dishwasher.

Can you use Coppersager with oils, bio-freeze, creams, etc.?
Yes, and we encourage it often, especially for treating injuries. Only apply with Friction Therapy and never with Cold Therapy (frozen Coppersager). Castor oil, Arnica and many others are used frequently by massage therapist to help aid in muscle tightness and inflammation. Other products such as, Bio-freeze, Icy-Hot are great compliments. Apply the oil directly to the area of focus and glide the Coppersager with the same back and forth motion. The Coppersager helps tremendously to work the oils into the skin and also provides a nice sensation. Creams and oils will provide less friction and therefore you may not experience as much heat generation. Users should consult with their physician before using any essential oils, etc.

Does it grip the hairs on your leg?
We have tested this on the hairiest of folks, and we are happy to report it does not grip or pull out any leg hairs! As long as you are not applying it against sweaty, salty, dirty legs, you are good to go.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.