Glide for a stronger stride

The Story

Jeff broke the record on 12/07/2015Read More: Article

The Coppersager was invented by long distance runner, Jeff Lynch, in his search to find the ultimate recovery and injury prevention tool. He designed a device and used it in a gliding motion, much like natural massage therapy techniques, which go deeper into the muscle as opposed to a device that rolls over the muscle. After a year of daily use, he realized that he was recovering faster and remaining injury free. Jeff went on to break the Guinness World Record for "The Greatest Distance Run on a Treadmill in 12 hours" with a distance of 84.01 miles.

Coppersager went into commercial production during the Summer of 2016 and is now being sold online, brick and mortar retailers and trade shows across the USA.

We are proud to state our product is 100% USA made.